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Students from Sculpture, Art Foundations, Drawing and Painting 1 and Photo 2 have assembled a fabulous and spooky Fall Art Show…stop by and see the installation in the F-wing.

art show 1

art show 4

art show 2

art show 3


Did you hear the announcement which Dr. Greenwood made on Monday afternoon on behalf of myself, Mrs. Spark and Mr. Sullivan?


At our Community Conversation last Spring, we heard from students and faculty about  the desire for a surprise homework-free night.  We’ve been saving this for just the right moment and have now designated Friday, October 31 as the first!   We hope you will use this time to disconnect from your phones and reconnect with your family and friends.  The adults in your life at DHS understand how hard it is to balance everything…if you are feeling stressed be sure to reach out to your parents, your guidance counselor, or one of us for help.  Otherwise, enjoy the weekend!

On Thursday, October 23, six students from the Principles of Engineering class traveled to Central Connecticut State University to attend the Connecticut Technology & Engineering Education STEM conference. They brought the fuel cell powered car and presented to other technology and engineering teachers and administrators from Connecticut. The students, Graham Web, Charlie Carroll, Ewan Johnson, Christina Boccadoro, Dana Cahoon, and CJ Attisani did an excellent job!  Earlier in the day, the students were given a tour of the Engineering and Technology building. The students must have made a great impression, and now have contacts with the CCSU Human Powered Vehicle Team and have plans to work closely with them to complete the shell and remaining parts they  need to compete in April.

fuel cell 2

fuel cell 1

fuel cell 3

While in the states, members of the China Exchange participated in two of Math faculty member Steve Coppock’s Probability & Statistics classes.  Students from both Darien and China took part in fun-filled activities ranging from a Geography Quiz, to Balancing Dice on a Tongue Depressor, and trying to get an Oreo from forehead to mouth without the use of hands…



It wasn’t all fun and games as the Darien students then collected the data (time, score on the geography quiz) and analyzed the relationships between the Darien and Chinese students.  Students from both countries enjoyed the activities and getting to know each other.


Thanks to the perseverance of World Language faculty member Jonathan Smith to work out the technical details, one of his Spanish classes was treated to a long video conference with peers in Madrid, Spain.  DHS students used their Spanish to introduce themselves and discuss their interests, while their counterparts used English to describe the same in return.  Mr. Smith was thrilled and plans to do the same with other schools in Peru and Argentina as well.

smith 1 smith 2

In addition to face-to-face dialogues, Mr. Smith’s Spanish classes are blogging regularly with classes in Chiapas, Mexico, and San Juan, Argentina. They are also in a collaborative virtual project space with schools around the world, exploring celebrations practiced in each participating country.