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On March 26, the Citizenship Committee hosted LINK Day, an event intended to inspire the freshman class beyond the walls of the classroom and encourage them to become active members of the DHS community.  Ten alumni spoke to the class about their DHS experiences, encouraging them to see DHS as a place to discover, explore, and pursue their passions.  After the assembly, the class split up into homeroom groups and created posters around the theme of COMMUNITY.  The results are hanging proudly in the G Wing bridge and are visible from the traffic loop.  Slow down and take a look some time, we are very proud of the Class of 2018 and look forward to their contributions to the DHS community as the years progress.  A special thank you to LINK faculty coordinators Louise Dobson (English) and Lauren LaRusso (English), alumni, and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters who assisted that day.

go dhs 001


Bon voyage to our intrepid travelers to China…we will see you after Spring Break!


Faculty member Elissa Johnson and an AP Environmental Science class learning to identify epiphytic lichen groups.  They then used this information to evaluate local air quality, as lichens are reliable bio-indicators of the level of air pollution.

lichen 3

lichen 2


Thirty colleges set up exhibits in the North gym on Tuesday, March 24 for the first DHS Spring College Fair.  While all students were free to visit the fair during lunch waves, Juniors in particular were encouraged to attend. The colorful college banners lining the gym perimeter created a welcoming environment for students to explore the different college booths.

Many thanks to Janice Griffiths and Debbie Murray, chairs of the College and Career Center, and the many parents who helped to make this a successful inaugural event!

college fair mar15 003 college fair mar15 011 college fair mar15 014 college fair mar15 017 college fair mar15 021 college fair mar15 024

DHS track team members Sammee Mazzone and Armstrong Noonan are spearheading “Track Gives Back,”  a drive to donate running shoes to the three Bridgeport Public High School track teams.  To date sufficient funds have been raised to donate 40 pair of shoes to Harding High School.  Thank you to the track teams and contact one of the captains for more information on this endeavor.

shoe collection 001

Accepting shoes is Harding High School Athletic Director Chris Johnson, with Sammee Mazzone and DHS girls track coach Steve Norris

Darien High School students, along with 400 students state-wide, competed in the CT COLT World Language Poetry Contest at Lyman Hall High School, on Tuesday, March 17. Our students performed very well in a variety of languages – congratulations to all!

Gold Medalists:
Philipp Bogdanov Russian Heritage
Nicole Caputo – Spanish Heritage
Nadia Czebiniak -Russian Heritage
Sarishka Desai – Spanish 4
Alex Ostberg – Spanish 5
Johanna Vossler – Mandarin 4

Silver Medalists:
Sophia Barbour- Portuguese Heritage
Lara Cerruti – French 5
Breanna Del Gatto- French 4
Antonia Demopoulos – Greek Heritage
Brooke Murphy-Petri French 2

Bronze Medalists:
Caroline Lui – Spanish 2
Juliana Mazzotta- French 3
Olivia Srednicka- Polish Heritage
Ophèlie Tousignant- French Heritage

fl awards

Left to right, back row: Brooke Murphy-Petri, Caroline Lui, Katherine Cunningham, Nadia Czebiniak, Philipp Bogdanov, Alex Ostberg, Antonia Demopoulos, Lara Cerruti, Johanna Vossler, Nicole Caputo, Ophelie Tousignant, Clare Phelps; front row: Komal Dhull, Olvia Srednicka, Sarishka Desai, Juliana Mazzota, Breanna Del Gatto, Sophia Barbour

The Anatomy Club run by seniors Amanda Lee, Abiha Jafri, and Madison Maier are working with the STEM class to produce a recirculating aquaculture system that will be a model for sustainability in our community. The STEM class has been working to design and build the pumps, plant grow beds, fish tanks and plumbing, and is investigating ways to reduce energy consumption in the system. The Anatomy Club is researching the best practices for plant growth and fish care and is predicting  which species  will work symbiotically in the temperature and pH range established. The system is midway through construction and we are still in need of a 500 gallon fish tank and some of the plumbing components to finish the build so that we may begin to run the water and troubleshoot design flaws (about $2,000).   The goal is to have our system up and running by the end of the year so that we may begin production in the next school year!

Tommy grow bed

Getting set up