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Members of the woodworking classes regularly craft objects for use in the building.  Pictured here are Woodworking Faculty Member Gregory Darin’s students Austin Hagander and Shane Ford, who built this lectern for English Faculty member Suzanne MacLehose.   William Rooney helped with the lectern delivery!



As part of their final project in AP U.S. History, Melissa Baker, Amy Walker, Kiera Quinn and Celia Rogers brought the early 20th century to tea with their portrayals of Lois Long (flapper reporter), Edith Wilson, Florence Harding, and Nellie Taft. Faculty member Bruce Clarke (no stranger to period costume dress) reported that this presentation was the best he had seen!  Thank you ladies!


Members of the AP Literature class and Faculty member Suzanne MacLehose ventured out to Holmes School on June 3 to share their love of poetry with the fourth grade classes.

poetry 1Caroline McKay and Taylor Lindsey

poetry 3Mallory Zabrocky and Alex Kuznetsov teaching in Ms. Taranto’s class

poetry 4Andrew Trautmann at lunch after teaching.

poetry 2Mitch Losito at lunch with Miss Satter’s class after teaching.

Today is Custodian Appreciation Day at DHS, thanks to an enthusiastic group of students in Ms. Sorensen’s Advanced Composition class.  The students created a “thank you” banner and collected student messages of support.  A reception is planned to honor the DHS custodians  after lunch in the cafeteria. Many thanks to these students for organizing such a heart-felt effort, and even more, thank you to the tireless efforts of our day and night crews who keep our  building clean and safe for all of us.

custodian poster 001

custodian poster 002

Every year the Community Council organizes a vote of the student body for Inspirational Teacher of the Year – Biology Faculty Member Janet Keeler was bestowed the honor by President Nicolai Ostberg and Treasurer Mike Farren at the Awards Ceremony on May 21. Congratulations to Mrs. Keeler for your commitment to the students of DHS!

inspirational teacher award

On Tuesday June 2, the DHS Technology and Engineering Department took three high school students (Freshman Shane Ford, Sophomore Justin Plank, and Senior Mallory Zabrocky) to Royle Elementary School to teach fourth graders about electromagnetism. This year’s theme for the Technology and Engineering Department’s STEM outreach program is “How Things Move.” The high school students taught how things move using electromagnets like in recycling centers and magnetic levitation trains. Then they had the class build magnetic “fishing poles” with wire, a nail, and a battery that was able to pick up, move, and drop paper clips. The 4th grade classes we very excited about the project and all successfully built a working electromagnet. The high school students had such a great and rewarding time working with the elementary students that they are still talking about their experience days later!

tech ed 1

Mallory Zabrocky

tech ed 2

Shane Ford

tech ed 3Justin Plank