STEM Fair at DHS, February 6

Darien High School was very proud to host the CT STEM Fair on Saturday, February 6 (mark your calendars for next year: we will host again on Saturday, February 4, 2017). Hundreds of students brought their project boards and were judged separately by two teams of judges (over 200 judges were in attendance).

Forty-five Authentic Science Research students and six students in Independent Projects in Engineering participated.  Many of our students were awarded prizes.  Congratulations to all!

For Research Proposals:

Kristen Moran – 1st Place, Behavioral Science – “The Origin of Birds: Examining Cranial Development of Embryonic Specimens”

Andrew Benz – 1st Place, Physical Science – “Using Threshold Cryptography to Make PolyPasswordHasher Resource-Intensive”

Catherine Gorey – 3rd Place, Behavioral Science – “SL651498 as a Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Mouse Model”

Paul Hager – 3rd Place, Health Science – “p120 Catenin Site Mutation at pY228 to Prevent Anchorage-Independent Growth”

JP Documet – 3rd Place, Environmental Engineering – “Renewable Energy in Aquaponics System”

For Completed Projects:

Sarishka Desai – 1st Place, Health Science – “Identification of Novel Small Molecules that Bind to K-Ras and PI3K RBDs, Two Major Protein Components Involved in the Deregulation of the Cell Cycle in Hematological Cancers”

Jane Bredahl – 3rd Place, Environmental Science – “The Creation of Growth Curves for Lionfish Utilizing Information from Otoliths”


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