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Students and faculty in Tech Ed gathered for a holiday lunch on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.



biology dna.jpg

Brinley Anderson, Elena DeGennaro, Jordan Vaught, and Kristen Benedict (left to right) demonstrate what they know about the structure of DNA by constructing a model in Ms. Geinther’s and Ms. Wisniewski’s 300 Biology class.  Well done, Ladies!

Some of the many friends and family members of Jacob Velasco-Navarro gathered at DHS today around a tree planted in his memory in the courtyard. We now have this thoughtful place to always remember a kind young man with a big smile and a bigger heart.


Students and faculty shared lunch and book recommendations recently at the inaugural “Literature Lunch” in the English Learning Connections room. The Literature Lunch will be on the first Friday of each month during 1st lunch. New Faculty Member Mr. Kuell said, “I loved the part of the discussion that moved from book recommendations to a conversation about who we are as readers.”  Next lunch is Friday, December 2. All are welcome to attend. lit-lunch

 Literature Lunch participants sharing ideas and lunch.

Michael Borecki will compete in the Teen Jeopardy! Tournament and can be seen in his first round match on Tuesday, November 15 on local ABC stations.  Good luck Michael!


Michael Borecki with Alex Trebek

Students at Nuestra Señora de Lourdes High School in Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina, sent DHS Spanish 5 students their artistic renderings of the tapir, as part of a joint project to raise awareness of the plight of this endangered species – coincidentally, our class mascot.

Foto 1.jpg

Our Spanish 5 students (shown here with the art sent to us from students in Argentina) are planning an artistic response, with the help of our wonderful art and science teachers – working in collaboration with friends in Argentina to engage in a project involving Spanish, art, and environmental science. It should be noted that the tapir is the largest mammal in the rain forest of Darién, Panamá – where our town got its name.

 Foto 2.jpg
In order to plan this joint project, our students engaged in a videoconference yesterday with their friends in Argentina. Because their school focuses on the arts, some students in Unquillo began the conference by sharing with us their musical talents.
Foto 3.jpg
DHS students were enthusiastic in their response to the musical skills of their collaborators in Unquillo!
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his morning, we received screen-shots from Argentina, showing DHS seniors engaged yesterday in video conference with their friends at Nuestra Señora de Lourdes High School.


Seniors Peter Kniffin, Ethan Ehlers, and Izzy Howe watch the screen, as their friends in Argentina respond to their questions. The entire conference was conducted in Spanish – marking the first time some of our students have used their second language to communicate with native speakers in other countries.
Foto 6.jpg
 Our friends in Argentina have limited space available for video conferencing, so their very creative teacher (who is active in the Adobe Youth Voices program) arranged for her high school students to share a computer lab with first-graders….and the results were outstanding.
12th grader Emily Wright, one of three DHS muralists involved in this collaborative project, asks her friends in Argentina a question about their approaches to art.
foto-8Our students received an email message from their friends in Argentina, suggesting another video conference and further communication via our blog. School ends for summer vacation in Argentina on December 7th, so there are many plans to make before both schools celebrate “World Tapir Day” on April 27th, 2017.

Congratulations to Tyler Simpson and Forrest Lazzara who tied as first place winners in the Darien League of Women Voters’ Video Competition about the importance of voting. Kody Schutzman placed third, well done gentlemen!

LWV Video Contest Winners 004.JPG

From left: Ivan Crowther (English/Video),  Kody Schutzman, Forrest Lazzara, Tyler Stimpson, Gwen Mogenson (Darien League of Women Voters)

 Click on the links below o view some excellent work!

Forrest Lazzara

Tyler Stimpson

Kody Schutzman