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A group of 12 students participated in the MMATHS competition hosted at Yale on April 1, a long day of challenging and energetic fun.  There were approximately 140 participants from 12 schools ranging from New York to the Boston area, almost all from private schools with teams who compete and train regularly.  The competition consisted of  three parts, a team round, an individual round, and a mixer round, where students were placed in teams with students from other schools.

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Andrew Benz, 7th place finisher

Congratulations to Andrew Benz, who earned recognition as the 7th place finisher in the individual competition (top 5%).  Harrison Gill earned recognition as a member of the First Place team in the mixer round.

Students heard the keynote address by professor Po-Shen Loh, of Carnegie Mellon University, who is coach of the U.S. Math Olympiad team.  He spoke to the students about the value of working on and persevering with interesting, but hard problems.  He also emphasized the value in working with others to solve problems and the ability to communicate ideas effectively.

Thank you all for your encouragement of these students and fostering a culture which supports a strong and rigorous mathematics education as well as recognition and support of students whose talents also lie in academic pursuits!  And thanks again to Faculty Adviser Matt Buchta (Math Department, you guessed it) who spent his Saturday with  this amazing group of students.  Well done all!


Fourteen students and two faculty members (Nick Banas, Social Studies and Sybil O’Hare, English) have landed in China for an exciting three week stay which is a culmination of their year-long participation in the exchange program. We wish them safe and fascinating travels, and look forward to hearing their stories when they return.  Their day-by-day blog is a good read if you would like to keep up with them in real time. Click here or see the link to on the DHS website home page.

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video 1

DHS alumnus Kyle Byrne (on right of screen) was an active participant in DHS Blue Wave News during his years as a student. Two years ago, he began teaching English and Media at Colegio Lincoln in La Plata, Argentina, where he led students in producing their own student newscast, similar to what we do at DHS. He recently accessed a Blue Wave News episode from our website and saw a piece by senior Olivia Rodríguez about our Spanish 5 students engaging in video conferences. He wrote to suggest a video encounter between our two schools, and it took place on Thursday, March 30th.

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Senior Peter Kniffin exchanges comments and perspectives in real-time with seniors in La Plata, Argentina. Students in Spanish 5 trained for several days in the art of interviewing, active listening, and asking follow-up and clarifying questions — a challenge in English, and more challenging yet in their second language. They generated essential questions and specific goals for this conference, so that the information acquired would facilitate their creation of a report based on facts and perspectives gained during the video conference.

video 3

To complicate matters, DHS seniors (including Izzy Howe, holding the microphone) had to learn to use the old Spanish pronoun “vos,” which is conjugated differently and not customarily taught in textbooks, but which every teenager in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and many other Latin American countries uses. Our Spanish 5 students did a first-rate job.

video 4

Ethan Ehlers responds effectively to questions asked by peers far away, whose images clearly appeared on the classroom screen. Following the conference, excitement was intense. Our classroom was enlarged, and learning was extended far beyond the walls of our beloved high school. In one class period, much knowledge and understanding were gained, and new friendships were formed.

video 5

Students at Colegio Lincoln had also studied interviewing techniques and excellently displayed their skills. Both groups of seniors – in both countries – applauded one another, and communication appeared effortless. Many thanks to DHS graduate Kyle Byrne, and to everyone in this “international classroom without borders” for making Thursday’s videoconference a great success which will be long remembered.