Consulate of El Salvador Visits DHS

DHS students Emily Knapp and Hayden Edwards, after studying the composition of formal letters in the Spanish language, practiced their new learning by writing to the Consulate of El Salvador to invite the Consul to personally visit Darien High School. To their amazement and delight, Consul Pedro Sánchez and his associate, Julia Rodríguez Acosta, accepted the invitation and journeyed to Darien to address a large group of students on Friday, May 26th.  DHS junior Caroline Lui sang the National Anthem of El Salvador to welcome our visitors.


Consul Sánchez spoke to the students – in Spanish – about his country, answered many questions, showed a brief video about El Salvador, and explained the role of a consul — surprising the audience by saying that his duties extend from New York to Pennsylvania.

Thank you students for your warm welcome, and thank you to World Language Faculty member Jonathan Smith for expanding our horizons!


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