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Nine Darien High School seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalists. Approximately 16,000 students nationwide have been recognized as National Merit Semi-Finalists. These students will continue in the National Merit program and will be candidates to receive a scholarship from the program. We are so proud of these exceptional young men and women. They are not only outstanding students but leaders within our high school community who make significant contributions to every aspect of life at DHS. We congratulate them on this achievement and all of the hard work it represents.

national merit semifinalists

L-R: Zhihao Wang, Christopher Vernal,  Justin Van de Graaf, Forrest Lazzara, Paul Hager, Caroline Lui, Julia Tong, Daniel Pfrommer, Samuel Scott.


We gathered to reflect on the events of September 11 on Monday morning. This is always a difficult day for our community, and we have all in our hearts as we pause to remember.

DHS parent Brian Stobbie spoke extemporaneously about his harrowing escape from the 84th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Most of our students now were not even born on that awful day.  Mr. Stobbie framed that time – no cell phones, no social media – and then led us on his journey down (and up) the stairwells of the North Tower (the first tower hit).  Mr. Stobbie was honest and left us with a deep gratitude for the smallest kindnesses we can bestow on each other; in his case, he climbed back up to the cafeteria for water bottles to bring down to fire fighters who were struggling in their fateful climb up.  It was difficult to listen to, but important.  We thank Mr. Stobbie for sharing his experience with our students.


Brian Stobbie speaks at September 11 Remembrance

Art Faculty Member Dorine Bosler introduced and described the installation of a new September 11 sculpture by Class of 2017 artist Michelle Han in the Guidance lobby.  If you haven’t yet seen it, please stop by to view it.  Mrs. Bosler’s description, which include discussion by the artist, is now hung by the sculpture.

We thank as well our S.O.S. club and its Faculty Adviser Pam Zago (Science) who organized the day.  S.O.S. speakers were Rory Washecka and Elizabeth Petner, and Echo Taps were performed by trumpeters Brooke Laird and Emily Knapp.  The DHS Tudor Singers, led by Christopher Andrade, performed a transcendent National Anthem.

Our Community Council and its Faculty Advisers Chris Buckley and Janet Keeler are  already thinking about how we will respond as a school to the historic flooding in Houston.  For the very short term and thanks to DHSPA Student Wear, we were able to send a box of athletic shirts to Coach Kelvin Sampson at the University of Houston.  We are proud to have been a part of this early response, and pledge long-term support for schools in Houston.  The DHS Community Council is on it!

blue wave

Shirts ready for shipping

Darien High School opened its 2017-18 school year on Thursday.  Students found their way to new classes, reconnected with friends, and settled in for another year of learning together. We are so fortunate to have such a caring community of educators, school counselors,  paraprofessionals, office staff and custodians who are here for one and only reason: to see to the well-being of every student in our care.  Please be sure to reach out to any one of us with any concerns you have about your child.  Enjoy the weekend!


Assistant Principal Adam Schoenbart enjoying a little frisbee with students on the new Stadium Field turf…surrounded by our beautiful new blue track!

Welcome to all our new students, including over 50 transfer students who come from nearby schools in Connecticut, across the country, and around the world.  Our Link Leaders orchestrated an orientation program that was full of spirit and excitement about the year ahead.  We ran through orientation activities, had a mock school day, and ended with lunch in the Courtyard. I am grateful for our seniors who brought their tireless  energy and good humor to the day, and our entire faculty who participated through Advisory groups and in their classrooms.  The summer is a lonely time in our halls and orientation always reminds us of just why we are here.  Welcome again and I will see you all as we begin our school year. (Be sure to see the photo run for the day on our flickr page!)


Link Leaders were ready with smiles and schedules.

wave and dr g.JPG

The Wave Mascot added to our spirit and had a big hug for Dr. Greenwood.


Just about every freshman attended!


Lunch in the Courtyard, a great day.

Led by School Counselor Meghan Emanuelson, a fresh crop of seniors convened for Link Leader training on August 23 to prepare for the arrival of our new students. After a day of workshops and exercises meant to emphasize a welcoming environment, they were ready to meet the masses at Freshman Orientation. Thank you to Ms. Emanuelson and all our wonderful seniors, you make our building the warm community that it is.


Link Leaders in their “civilian dress”


Transformed in their superhero, er, Link Leader shirts!


All smiles as they await Advisory member arrivals.