Welcome Class of 2021!

Welcome to all our new students, including over 50 transfer students who come from nearby schools in Connecticut, across the country, and around the world.  Our Link Leaders orchestrated an orientation program that was full of spirit and excitement about the year ahead.  We ran through orientation activities, had a mock school day, and ended with lunch in the Courtyard. I am grateful for our seniors who brought their tireless  energy and good humor to the day, and our entire faculty who participated through Advisory groups and in their classrooms.  The summer is a lonely time in our halls and orientation always reminds us of just why we are here.  Welcome again and I will see you all as we begin our school year. (Be sure to see the photo run for the day on our flickr page!)


Link Leaders were ready with smiles and schedules.

wave and dr g.JPG

The Wave Mascot added to our spirit and had a big hug for Dr. Greenwood.


Just about every freshman attended!


Lunch in the Courtyard, a great day.


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