September 11

We gathered to reflect on the events of September 11 on Monday morning. This is always a difficult day for our community, and we have all in our hearts as we pause to remember.

DHS parent Brian Stobbie spoke extemporaneously about his harrowing escape from the 84th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Most of our students now were not even born on that awful day.  Mr. Stobbie framed that time – no cell phones, no social media – and then led us on his journey down (and up) the stairwells of the North Tower (the first tower hit).  Mr. Stobbie was honest and left us with a deep gratitude for the smallest kindnesses we can bestow on each other; in his case, he climbed back up to the cafeteria for water bottles to bring down to fire fighters who were struggling in their fateful climb up.  It was difficult to listen to, but important.  We thank Mr. Stobbie for sharing his experience with our students.


Brian Stobbie speaks at September 11 Remembrance

Art Faculty Member Dorine Bosler introduced and described the installation of a new September 11 sculpture by Class of 2017 artist Michelle Han in the Guidance lobby.  If you haven’t yet seen it, please stop by to view it.  Mrs. Bosler’s description, which include discussion by the artist, is now hung by the sculpture.

We thank as well our S.O.S. club and its Faculty Adviser Pam Zago (Science) who organized the day.  S.O.S. speakers were Rory Washecka and Elizabeth Petner, and Echo Taps were performed by trumpeters Brooke Laird and Emily Knapp.  The DHS Tudor Singers, led by Christopher Andrade, performed a transcendent National Anthem.


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