Monthly Archives: January 2018

Our Link Leaders organized our annual event for freshmen on the eve of midterms.  Thanks to all those students who provided encouragement and study help (and just a little sugar, too). The link leaders provide a crucial bridge for our newest students as they transition from the middle school.  We appreciate the herculean effort by School Counselor Meghan Emanuelson, who corrals our ever enthusiastic seniors who volunteer for this rewarding duty.


Along with the comfort dogs, our school counselors assembled a litany of activities for fun and relaxation during exam week. Along with a couple of snack attacks in the main lobby (you can’t dodge Dr. Greenwood when he is giving out cookies) we had many opportunities for our students to exhale in between exams, papers, and other end of semester obligations.  Our students are hard working and we encourage the habit of taking a break for contemplation, reflection, and creativity on a regular basis.  Turning off the phone is a good thing!

We had a salt cave where students and staff could meditate…

salt 1.jpg

…mindful coloring in the Library…

salt 2.JPG

…and slime making in Guidance!

The slime was a big hit! A special thank you again to all our school counselors who arranged these activities, and to school psychologist intern Kiera Russo, who designed an eye-catching flyer to post around the halls.  We are fortunate to provide our students such a supportive and caring staff.  Well done one and all!


We were pleased to welcome representatives from Healing Hounds and their humans here during midterms.  The dogs brought smiles and a break for our students in between exams.  Thank you to school psychologist intern Kiera Russo for this initiative!