Please accept warm wishes for the holiday season from myself and Assistant Principals Dr. Greenwood, Mrs. Dimoulas and Mr. Schoenbart.  During this holiday break we hope everyone can find the time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Time spent with friends, family, and those we hold dear reinvigorates the soul and provides a pause from the hustle of our everyday lives. Let us all approach 2018 with the spirit of hope and optimism!

Our energetic Community Council has been busy this holiday season, bringing cheer to others in our community and towns surrounding us.  From the proceeds of their annual silent auction they were able to purchase over $1700 in gift cards for Darien Social Services.


The Class of 2018 ran a successful drive to collect coats and sweatshirts for the Bridgeport Mission, producing piles and piles of donations.


In addition, our Excel program collected boxes and boxes of gifts for Toys for Tots, and the Global Connect club collected gently used kids clothing for a local shelter program.  We are always amazed by our students and their enthusiasm for making positive change in the world.  Thank you to our students and especially the Community Council faculty advisers Janet Keeler and Chris Buckley.


This morning we had an all-school assembly to celebrate the season and listen to our outstanding musical groups from the band, orchestra, and choral programs. The quality of our productions is without compare.  Thank you as well to our music faculty of Chris Andrade, Jon Grauer, and Jane Minnis. You make us all very proud!


Thanks as well to the holiday carolers who have visited us with their interdisciplinary caroling this week! On Thursday Senor Smith and his merry band visited with some lovely Spanish language solstice music…


….followed by Calculus students led by Math faculty Susan Wood sang “O Calculus” on Friday morning…


…to perhaps our most festive group of carolers, Best Buddies, who sang us a lively rendition of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.”  Thank you all, you bring so much life to our school!


You never know what’s cooking in our biology labs.  Ms. Geithner-Marron’s Biology students made model cells to explore the structure and function of organelles and compare and contrast plant and animal cells.

cell 1

Vanessa Flagg and Fionn Tierney

cell 2

 Nick Aponte and Blake Triano


cell 3

Spencer Stephens and Christian Perez

cell 4

Kirill Banar

model congress.jpg

Our Model Congress Club visited Yale University last weekend with their Faculty Adviser Bruce Clarke. Senior Casey Martin won Best Delegate on the Finance Committee, sophomore Julia Pfrommer won Best Delegate on the Supreme Court, freshman Christian DaSilva Best Legislation on the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, and senior Alex Wang won two Honorable Mention awards (one for his work on the Ethics Committee and another for his work on the full Senate), a distinct honor to stand out among 100 delegates.



Adam Wallenfang’s English 9 students independently selected books to read and review based on studying professional New York Times book reviews. When they finished their projects, they used Instagram to post “mini-reviews,” and built a Google site to house a database of their full reviews.  They will be adding to it in the second semester.  You can click here to see the Instagram feed.  And click here to access the Google site.

Well done!


girls in math.png

Mu Alpha Theta sponsored the maximum of 8 girls to the first Girls in Math program at Yale University on November 11.   The two teams participated in a particularly challenging math competition which included a team round and individual test.  Students heard about the career pathway of Physics Professor Adriane Steinacker, whose message was that there is no one pathway in STEM fields, not to give up, be comfortable with spending a lot of time working on something, with being wrong, with being right, and confidence.  She was also clear that mathematics is the key to any STEM field, with a secondary background in statistics and computer science.  Over a long lunch hour, students had an opportunity to chat with girls form other schools and female Yale undergrads in different math and STEM fields. Students also met up with DHS alumni Harrison Gill and Andrew Benz – top DHS mathematics students currently attending Yale who are majoring in mathematics. Special thanks to seniors Kerry Blatney and Abigail Cragin who organized the trip.

We have SO many clubs at DHS.  There is something for everyone to enjoy and engage in, and perhaps shift the focus for a moment or two from the classroom to our community.

A new club this year is called “Fashion for a Cause” – they aim to bring together students  interested in fashion who also have a desire to help others on issues related to bullying, poverty, and mental health.  They have debuted with a successful used costume drive for Person to Person, just look at Meghan Dempsey pictured here with boxes and boxes of donations.  Thank you to all the members of FFAC and their Faculty Adviser Jaclyn Sammis.  We look forward to seeing more of your good work!

fashion for a cause