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Our Community Council invited two Freedom Riders to speak at DHS on Tuesday, January 31. These individuals were part of the movement to desegregate bus terminals in 1961. They spoke with American History and English classes about their experiences and answered student questions. Many thanks to Faculty Member Chris Buckley who facilitated the planning along with the students.

Freedom Riders 003.JPG

Community Council President Avery Brook with Dion Diamond and Reginald Green



Many thanks to the DHS Counseling staff who arranged for several of our local neighbors to visit school with their companion dogs for our students to enjoy in between exams.


The dogs elicit smiles and friendship, and are an instant calming presence.


We also had cocoa and goodies in between exams 5 and 6 this morning. Our students were upbeat and went off to their next exam with a little extra energy. The Assistant Principals and I always appreciate any informal time we have with our students. It gives us a chance to connect with them and get a sense of what’s happening in their lives.


Of course we always have a good turn out when cookies are involved!

midterm hot cocoa & cookies 053.JPG

We look forward to the Second Semester beginning on Wednesday, January 25. Don’t forget to print or scan a copy of your new schedule and bring it with you that morning!

Thanks to Link Leaders and National Honor Society members who turned out in large numbers to assist our Grade 9 students prepare for their mid-term exams. Over 125 freshmen attended the study sessions and enjoyed snacks and cocoa provided by our upperclassmen as well. We are hopeful that students felt the calm from above!  A special note to all our wonderful students – remember that every adult in the building is here for you, and only you. If you have any issues surrounding exam stress (or anything else) please find one of us and let us help.


We also appreciate the efforts of our faculty advisors, including School Counselor Meghan Emanuelson, who corralled all those cats.


Good luck to all in your exams!

On Friday January 6 three of our students, Abigail Cragin, Regan Keady, and Courtney Lowe, had their work shown at the Osilas Gallery at Concordia College for the 11th annual 2017 StART Art Exhibition.  This exhibit gives high school art students the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional gallery setting and to build their credentials and portfolios for college.  From the more than eighty pieces shown, five were selected to receive special recognition for excellence.  We congratulate Courtney Lowe who was recognized for her self-portrait.  Art Faculty Member Jaclyn Sammis gave us an overview of the works which were entered to this exhibit.  Well done, ladies!



Courtney’s work is a series of closely cropped watercolor self-portraits taken after a late night of completing school work.  The close cropping ensures that the emotion felt in the facial expression is conveyed to the viewer in the same overwhelming sense it was originally experienced.  This piece utilizes high contrast values and minute details.  The portrait serves to showcase the hard work behind maintaining a busy schedule and the skills she has developed as an artist in high school.



Abigail Cragin submitted a 35  mm black and white darkroom photo montage.  In her work, she focuses on incorporating portraits into a surrealistic viewpoint.  The photo is composed of two negatives, an up close portrait and a landscape of the reflection of trees into a lake.  Abigail enjoys pursing unconventional directions in her photography and feels this photo is the culmination of her artistic view.

start 1.JPG

Regan Keady submitted a wheel thrown Ceramic teapot to the show.  This piece was created by throwing a belly shapes bowl and covering it with sodium silicate.  After heating the sodium silicate and pushing out the wall, a beautiful crackle piece was created.  It is glazed in a deep brown Albany Slip, and conveys to the viewer a rustic yet finished feeling.

deca-sheet-driveOur very active DECA group collected twin sheets for the Bridgeport Mission Shelter. Thank you to Faculty Advisor Claudia Gray who wrangles this very large and active group for community service and entrepreneurship competitions.  Well done!